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How to become a member of the Chamber?

To become a member of the Chamber a party of entrepreneurship files the written claim to Khmelnytsky Camber of Commerce and Industry. Certificate for business registration and filed forms should be added to this claim. The Presidium of the Chamber makes a decision about the members of the Chamber.

Official start date of membership in regional Chamber and at the same time in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine is the date of admission and membership fees payment.

To confirm membership in CCI the membership card is given for every it’s member.

Members of the Chamber on behalf of their representatives have the following rights:

  • to take part with the casting-vote in the general meeting (conference) if the Regional Chamber;
  • in accordance with the procedures established by the Board of CCI Ukraine, to choose delegates on the Congress of CCI Ukraine;
  • to vote and be chosen to the board of the Regional Chamber and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine;
  • to put before General meeting (conference), Board (Presidium) of Regional Chamber also Congress, Board and Presidium of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine offer on matter within the scope of the relevant Regional Chamber and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine;
  • to get all necessary help from Regional Chamber and CCI of Ukraine in dealing with matters within the scope of their activities;
  • to receive for free journal CCI of Ukraine “Business news”

Members of the Chamber obliged:

  • to assist actively in performing tasks and functions of the Chamber;
  • to pay admission and membership fees;
  • to perform all their activities on the basis of respect to the partner, honesty; don’t allow cases of unfair competition.
  • To stop to be a member of the Chamber one should file written claim. In this case he/she stop to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.
  • Member of the Chamber, who didn’t pay membership fees during a year, can be excluded from the members of the Khmelnytsky Chamber and CCI of Ukraine. In case of member’s neglect of obligations, resulted from the membership of the Chamber, the body that took one as a member to the Chamber can exclude him or her.

If You are interested in Khmelnytsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership benefits for your enterprise we are ready to meet with You in any suitable time to discuss all necessary points of our cooperation.

Contact numbers of Khmelnytsky CCI:

  • (0382) 78-53-68
  • 78-53-66
  • 78-53-79
  • 78-53-72
  • 78-53-70
  • 78-53-74
  • 78-53-65

Main office of Khmelnytsky CCI:

  • Podilska street 109/1, Khmelnytsky 29001, Ukraine
  • E-mail: Khmelcci@mitel-ua.com


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