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Seminar on lobbying and advocacy organized by the NGO "Institute of professional lobbying and advocacy"


November 1, in the conference hall of the Khmelnitsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the framework of the project "Establishment of a network of regional centers of knowledge and expertise to support reforms" - Regert.net was held a one-day seminar on lobbying and advocacy. The organizer of the event was the NGO “Institute of Professional Lobbying and Advocacy”. Trainers were experienced experts Denis Bazilevych, Vladimir Nesterovich and Vitali Zhuhay.

The event was attended by representatives of government, Khmelnitsky business circles (almost all of them are members of the Khmelnitsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and the media. They all agreed that to be able to lobby their own professional interests at the moment is extremely important. After all, lobbying is a tool that makes it possible to engage in decision-making and construction of a particular policy.

In Ukraine today lobbying is perceived as illegitimate process that most often associated with corruption. Meanwhile, in many developed countries to defend the interests of certain groups in society has become a common practice. Due to the functioning of the lobbying system benefit not only the community groups that represent their interests, but the authorities concerned to maintain constant communication with the public.

Participants expressed their willingness to actively take part in such events taking place with the assistance of the Khmelnitsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During such events, activists can not only be provided with fundamental knowledge in a particular field, but also establish contacts that may be useful for their further cooperation. In addition, participants expressed a desire to join the work of the national network of experts Regert.net. Thus, the Khmelnitsky CCI acted as a "platform" for networking between entrepreneurs, government officials and active citizens.



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