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October 28 was held a round table on "Vulnerability assessment of Khmelnytsky to global climate change."


October 28 in the conference hall of the Khmelnytsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held a round table on "Vulnerability assessment of Khmelnytsky to global climate change." The event was supported by the Ukrainian youth climate organization, the Khmelnytsky Youth Development Club Development and the National Ecological Center of Ukraine.

Welcoming the participants, the President of the Khmelnitsky CCI, Natalia Belyakova, menyioned that being engaged in various economic issues, contributing to the development of entrepreneurship at Khmelnytsky region, the Chamber can not stand by such exciting challenges, as, for example, global climate change and its influence on life of people in the region.

In fact, scientists have reached a consensus that over the past 150 years the global climate has undergone significant changes. Global temperature increases, the character of rainfalls becomes more unpredictable and the sea level rises. One of the consequences of global warming are more frequent and intense natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. All these changes are usually the result of human activity on Earth. It is expected that these trends will continue in the coming decades. This was highlighted by the representative of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, Olga Vlasyuk. The biggest problem is that before such changes took place over 1500 years. Now these changes are witnessed by every subsequent generation. And every year the situation becomes more acute.

Khmelnytsky, like the other cities of Ukraine, is vulnerable to climate changes, which, as noted above, are now global. However, the level of vulnerability of the town to climate change is not too high. This conclusion was drawn by round table participants during the assessment of the effects of climate change in cities. This assessment was carried out by seven groups of indicators according to the author's technique of Olga Shevchenko, the representative of the Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko.

Mankind is becoming economically more developed, technological progress outstrips all sorts of expectations. This is certainly true. Thus, the impact of human activities on the environment is increasing. For sure, this entails a number of negative consequences, leading place among which belongs to global climate change.

Undoubtedly, it is essential to attract the mass attention to the problem. This task assumes is performed by the Khmelnytsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry, because it is a so-called "platform" for cooperation not only between business and government, but also publicity.



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